Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Dangers of Spring

What is spring like?  The morning began wet and cool, but soon the skies cleared to a robin's egg blue.  The birds are at the feeders, and the sprouts have been nurtured by the rain.  It is truly spring here.

How will I shed winter?  This is a more auspicious day for me than New Year.  I make my resolutions now.  More water.  Much more water.  Less alcohol.  At least a little less.  Less meat.  More grains and vegetables.

And maybe photography.  I have ideas.  If I can turn them into pictures. . . well, we'll see.

Trump's troubles don't keep the democrats from self-destruction.  As Howard Cosell used to say, they are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  They are fools.

Check your horoscope.  You do not want to take any chances today.

Madame Sosostris, famous clairvoyante,
Had a bad cold, nevertheless
Is known to be the wisest woman in Europe,
With a wicked pack of cards. Here, said she,
Is your card, the drowned Phoenician Sailor,
(Those are pearls that were his eyes. Look!)
Here is Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks,
The lady of situations.
Here is the man with three staves, and here the Wheel,
And here is the one-eyed merchant, and this card,
Which is blank, is something he carries on his back,
Which I am forbidden to see. I do not find
The Hanged Man. Fear death by water.
I see crowds of people, walking round in a ring.
Thank you. If you see dear Mrs. Equitone,
Tell her I bring the horoscope myself:
One must be so careful these days.

 Remember why April is the cruelest month.  We'll need the clairvoyante to get through these troubling days as the waters begin to flow, the sap to rise.  Beware the dangers of Spring.  

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