Thursday, April 18, 2019

I don't write in the mornings any more because I don't have a laptop.  I am going to have to buy one, but they are expensive.  At least the Macs are.  The ones that will edit photos.  I should get a cheap ass Dell, but I've always had Macs.  Everything I have is adapted to the OSX system.  I think that is what it is called.  I really don't know anything about computers.  But at the Hipster Cafes, all the kids have Macs, so that must be the deal.

I was going to change to a Microsoft computer, but they are not any cheaper, so fuck that.

Easter is coming, and Ili is having some family over to color eggs.  Or something.  I am going to set up the view cameras and take some pictures.  I won't be able to post them here, though.  I'm not allowed to post naked pictures of her family.

O.K.  I am kidding.  I haven't asked if I can or not.

I will ask my mother over, too.  I never post naked photos of her.

Having written this, I realize I need to prepare.  Ili will expect a fancy basket.  I am not very good at holiday things like that.  I am sure to fail miserably.  But I will try, and there is that.

Tomorrow is the full moon.  I won't get to see it here.  Bad weather.  Still, I will try to survive.  You, too.  Now that I know what it means "to take care. . . ."

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