Friday, April 19, 2019

No Collusion

Late post.  Sketchy internet.  Storms a-coming.  I will be leaving the factory soon.  This could be "Wizard of Oz" like.  I worry about my roof.  I have many worries.  I only share a few. 

Of a sudden, sensible people are quiet about the Mueller Report.  Some are trying to make something of it, and I know what they mean and why, but there is no longer any point.  We all know about the president.  Nobody is going to shock us now.  Dems need to get busy now losing the next election. 

Six More Years, Six More Years. 


No worries.  There isn't a sane place on the planet right now.  Competition for limited resources and all that.  It is genetic.  We are predisposed.  The Age of Aquarius is for times of plenty.  Those times are gone.  AOC is the face of the future. 

Rainy night.  No moon.  If you see it, say hello. 

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