Monday, May 27, 2019


Five hundred a day doesn't make for a bad vacation in Miami.  You could do it for less, but why?  Oh, we had fun and want to go back--for different reasons.  Well, not completely.  Ili and I both enjoy Miami because it is more "visual" than our own hometown, at least for us.  The architecture, of course, is stunning, and there is an old Miami that has inherent if ransacked charm.  The difference is I want to work.  I want to spend days on end just photographing from morning until after sunset.  She enjoys some of that, but wouldn't enjoy it that long.  I mean, it is a grind.  But I could leave her at a resort to lie by the pool and read and drink cocktails or avocado smoothies and to buy clothing from the hotel shops.

I make her sound shallow.  She isn't.  But we do enjoy being so when we can.  But we can't afford to be shallow very often.  Why was I so dumb?  When you go to Miami, you see how much money there is and how little of it is yours.  Many people, low IQ people like Trump, have fuck you money.  I have Days Inn money, and my IQ is pretty high (o.k., you may not know it from reading the blog, but it is documented).

I don't want to stay at the Days Inn any more.  The bedding at the Four Seasons is wonderful, and the soaking tub was grand.  My favorite part, though, might have been ordering an expensive meal delivered to the room.  I've had room service before, of course, but never a full dinner.  I felt like Cary Grant but in reality was more like George Peppard.

It was only Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Sooner or later, we would have to return to our old whoring ways.

I sent this photograph around to my friends yesterday.  I don't think anyone liked it.  It is awful, really.  I didn't mean to.  But it is the beach, for God's sake.  It is what people do.

Perhaps I should stick to photographing inanimate objects.

O.K.  So my photography hasn't improved.  But I did take pictures and that's a fact.  A lot of them.  And though they are not good, I got some bad ones out of my system.  I'm ready to take more.  Just getting out and doing it was therapeutic.  I know I can.  And I will.

Look for more and better to come.

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