Sunday, May 26, 2019

Don’t Think About The Money

Living it up at the Four Seasons Miami.  It is a great place if you don’t think about the money.  Don’t think about the money.  Just keep ordering things.  We had dinner in our room.  Too tired to go out.  Rented a $20 movie about a dying English professor starring Johnny Depp.  Don’t.  Still, we had fun. Went to South Beach yesterday.  Don’t unless you love a freak show.  I’ll tell more about it when I am not writing on my phone.  One word here, though—thick.  Took my Leica M10 that I bought just before the accident.  Haven’t really used it since I’ve been hurt.  It was fun.  This is my first trip out of town since getting run over.  Seems OK.  Feeling fine.  I think I can start traveling again as long as there are porters to do the heavy lifting.

Yes, it is all lovely as long as you don’t think about the money.

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