Friday, May 31, 2019

May Not Be Bad

The end of the longest three-day workweek I have ever known.  Now three days off.  Ili and I will go nuts on one another, probably.  We need a resort to make us happy, probably.  Rather, we will clean around the house and do yard work.  Probably.

But we ended the week with a trip to the bar for Old Fashioneds (me) and delicious hors d'oeuvres.  More luxury.

But what does it take to have a good time?  Look at the people in this picture go.  Just a thumping beat and a sidewalk in the sun.  They aren't worrying about staying at the Four Seasons.  Nope.  They're just showing off.

I would show off, too, if I could.  And I have, in private, in a simple way.  Last night I rolled over and put my body weight on my two arms, face down.  Imagine the possibilities.  It is difficult, probably, to imagine what it has been like for me.  I have been deprived of certain things.  I've become more. . . human.

The weather is scorching here.  I will take the afternoon naps this weekend.  They are lovely things.  Napping and planning trips for the summer.  It may not be bad.

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