Wednesday, May 8, 2019


(photo by Susan de Witt)

This is an example of lith printing, something I want to try.  I don't want to explain the process here, but it could be something very unpredictable and time consuming, maybe too much for me.  I want to try it and see.  The thing is, it requires a darkroom.  I may have access to one.  I will have to work on that and get permission.  If I do, I'll buy the chemicals I need and give it a shot.  Who knows?  Maybe trash cans will look good when done this way. 

I want to work with my large format cameras, too, just because the work is slow and you don't produce many pictures.  That is my speed now, not producing many pictures.  Making two images a day would increase my present production by. . . any percent you want to say.

It is just a lack of trying.

But I am always intrigued by processes that mess up the image.  I don't like to do that digitally.  Like my old Polaroids, it needs to be something that I do physically before the image enters the digital realm.  I don't mind tweaking it there, but I don't want others to be able to make the image the way I do.  I learned early from photographers like Mark Tucker and Lilya Cornelli back when I would write to photographers I discovered and wanted to offer a fan's note.

That seems so long ago.  Oh, yea. . . it is.

I have ideas again.  Now I just need the energy.  I'll give something a shot this summer.  You'll see.  

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