Tuesday, June 11, 2019

California, Here I Come

I am taking Ili away from this interminable rainy summer for awhile.  She has a BIG birthday coming up, so we will go to San Francisco and environs.  Ili will be twenty-one. 

Just kidding.  She will be much older than that, but still, she is half my age plus seven--the French equation. 

We will make it memorable.  She can help me up and down the hills and wipe the slobber from my chin.  Or she can pour my wine and my whiskey and me into bed. 

The trip comes soon, in just two weeks.  It is my first big trip out of town since L.A. last year.  We had Miami, but this is a bit more strenuous.  I usually stay with my buddy in Yosemite when I go to Cali, but I have decided that I am not up for that yet.  I am afraid it would make me sad.  Walking the hills of S.F. will be difficult enough.  That first. 

Walking and eating and drinking and buying trinkets.  Perfect. 

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