Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Fruits of Summer

Summer means fruit and vegetables.  We stopped at the farmer's market and got some delicious peaches, some vine ripe tomatoes, and some blended goat and sheep's milk cheese.  We made a sort of Capresse salad joined by an egg on toasted sourdough bread.  Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.  Later we had cut peaches.

There are some good things about summer.

Last night, we watched "Deadwood: The Movie."  Don't bother.  It is like all things redone.  Milch fucked up doing this movie.  It is as disappointing as the "Arrested Development" remakes and the last season of "Game of Thrones."

If you think I'm watching too much t.v., you are right.

Here's the new cat.  She is not ours.  She is wild as they come, but we feed her.  Bad decision on our part, but she no longer looks starved.  I am hoping she is a good mouser-style barn cat.  You can see the top of one of her ears is gone, so we call her Scar or Scarlet.

She never responds.

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