Saturday, June 22, 2019


The first day of summer was very long, of course, the old summer solstice, but it was also very hot.  Even my new air conditioner was struggling to keep up.  The world is worse and getting worser.

But now it is time for summer things.  I am preparing for the trip to S.F. It will be good to get out of town, I hope.  I still have trouble sometimes, whether it is sleeping or moving.  In moments, the horror comes back to me.  I am not the man I was, but who is?

There will be no Yosemite this year, no real strenuous stuff.  I hope S.F. will be fun for Ili and for me.  I haven't been for at least five years.  Much can change.

Then a trip down the coast and some nights in Carmel, then. . . I'm not sure.  We will play it by ear.

So the blog will go dark for a while soon.  But I am hoping to have something new to say.

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