Monday, July 15, 2019

And This Was Nature

Oh. . . I don't have time to continue the narrative this morning.  I'll try to post again later today.  Keep an eye out.  Stay tuned.

Yesterday, I made stew beef in the slow cooker.  Put in all kinds of tomato sauce and chopped onions and peppers and wine.  Six hours later, oo-la-la.  My mother loved it, as did the rest of us.

I am a basic cook, simple but good.  No reductions or sauces in my repertoire.

After dinner, we walked to the lake and sat on the bench outlooking.  The breeze was strong and steady and kept away the bugs.  A momma duck and ducklings headed for shore in the falling light.  An anhinga dove for its last meal before coming to dock to dry its wings for the night.  Lizards found their places.  An osprey tried for a large fish on the last dive of the day, but the fish was too big.  Empty belly that night.  The smell of the lake, the breeze. . . I fell asleep twice.

And this was nature.

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