Thursday, August 8, 2019


Every street photographer takes this picture in one form or another, so I did, too.  If I waited, I could have done even better, but you see, I was on vacation with someone, so I only had a few seconds.  But that is what some street photographers do, find a background then sit and wait for the right foreground to move in.  It's a trick they teach on YouTube.  Since you don't watch camera porn, I thought I'd let you know.

This is what happens when things are taught in school.  People look at the work of past masters and learn how to replicate it.  All cliches were once fresh ideas.  They were so good that everybody did it.  And then. . . .

What is fascinating in some strange way are the bad ideas that seem to get replicated and perpetuated.  Kids can watch "Requiem for a Dream" and still do that.  Bad idea.

Anyway (as my mother would say), here's my cliche.  Its my version of a sunset.

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