Monday, August 5, 2019

Dead, Dull Weight

I just wrote and deleted, wrote and deleted.  I am not a happy boy today, not my usual self.  It feels as if something is looming.  But that is not the way to start off a week.  I don't think watching "Serengeti" on The Discovery Chanel last night helped lighten my mood.  Did you watch it?  It was fascinating, though the narration and music really wore on me.  But the images are sublime.  Still, it is a story of survival and death.  There is nothing cheery in nature.  Everything gets eaten, of course, even the top carnivores, for in their blood and guts are parasites that eat them from the inside out.  Nothing is left unscathed.  Nothing is left untouched.  I watched some Rick Steves, too.  He went into the catacombs of ancient Rome.  Sunday was none too cheery. 

I am carrying a weight today through dull, bad weather. Maybe I should listen to some Jimmy Buffet.  Ha!  He used to cheer me up. 

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