Sunday, August 4, 2019


I went to the Playboy website.  Much of its content is online for free.  Not so much the nudes, but the photography that I saw. . . the female gaze. . . looked a lot like what was called "the male gaze."  I think we all like gazing.  I hope gazing comes back into the realm of the o.k.  I would like to be allowed to look again, to stare, sometimes, in languor.  And looking through a viewfinder is fun.  The world looks different through a viewfinder.

Yes, give me back my gaze.

Meanwhile, I struggle.

We spent yesterday resting with mimosas and Rick Steves.  Then we made a Greek salad and had some wine.  And then we went to bed.  Fun.  But it leaves me with a quandary today.  What to do?  I must do something.  That is what they tell us, anyway.

I will do something.

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