Thursday, August 15, 2019

Fluid, Not Binary

No time to write this morning.  Early meetings at the factory.  Same tomorrow, so I'll post something tonight.  Saw some people for the first time since my accident today.  Some said I looked good, some that I looked like I'd lost weight, one that I looked a bit older.  Whatever, dudes.  Let's not talk that way.  We don't talk about people's looks at my age.  Best a topic to be avoided.  Or else, just lie. 

I'm finding that nature doesn't have an equity coordinator.  It is not trying to be gentle or fair.  I want the factory to adopt nature's equity plan. 

Oh, yea.  I love the oil painting of Clinton in a dress and high heels that was found in Epstein's apartment.  It is yummy. 

Bill, not Hillary. 

Fluid, not binary.

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