Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bad Exchange?

My leaving now is a soft closing.  There is no real drama in it, at least for those who are staying.  They look forward to a new energy.  Out with the old, in with the new.  It is sad--for me.

And so day by day, I decide whether to go to work or to stay home.  I have a ton of work on my desk that I need to complete before I can begin to relax.  I won't do it today.  I am staying home.  Tomorrow, I say.  Tomorrow I will work.

But I feel as if I should begin my new life of working 'round the house.  Maybe, I think, today I will pull weeds.  I need to repaint the deck, too.  And there is the mulching of driveways, too.

It seems I am exchanging a job I like for one that I don't.  I'm not so certain about this.

Finding a hotel in Paris for a week has turned out to be a full-time job.  All the ones suggested to me are unavailable for the time period I am there.  I need to find something quickly before I end up staying at the Paris Best Western.

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