Friday, November 8, 2019

A Little Whine

Just an update.  I am sitting in the hotel room drinking a mimosa after working out in the hotel gym and taking a shower.  Ili is at the conference making her presentation.  I should get dressed and go out into the streets, but what I need to do is rent a car.  That is what I've been told.  But I know I will not. I can't say why, just that I won't.

Several more disasters.  Did I tell you I lost the other glove?  I don't think I mentioned that my camera bag hit the sidewalk from a short distance and broke the center filter on my Hasselblad Xpan 45mm lens.  It corrects for vignetting.  Of course they don't make them any more and to buy another will cost around $400.  I also can't find two extra batteries that I was sure I brought, one for the Leica M10 and one for the Fuji.  If I've lost those, it will be several hundred more dollars.  I am a real disaster right now.

O.K.  I really need to get out of this room.  Sometimes I become catatonic.  I shouldn't worry about it so much.  This is a nice hotel.  I should be able to sit and drink if I want.  But guilt (not the devil) drives.  I must attempt to make some photos.

Oh. . . did I mention that my Leica M7 doesn't seem to be metering properly?  It is possible that none of those photos will turn out.


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