Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Longest Day

I've never experienced a day like yesterday.  The day was interminable.  Now I'll admit I ate half a cookie the night before, and it sent me into a spin.  Half.  Jesus, I have a friend who eats four cookies a night.  Every night. But I have a different kind of brain chemistry, I guess.  It gave me a splitting headache all night long.  In the morning, wobbly, I knew I would have to go to the gym and work myself into shape or else be sitting on the couch all the live-long day.  So very early, I went without expectations.  And sure enough, I had a wonderful workout.  I was strong for a cripple, getting stronger, anyway.

When I got home, it was time to plant.  Ili and I had gone to a gigantic nursery the day before, one that covers about a mile in every direction.  It was fun, and we bought for a decent price all the things we wanted.  Now it was time to get everything into the ground.  The big plants were no problem.  Dig a hole, water it, and drop them in.  But I had also bought a couple palates of dwarf mondo grass, so I was bending over and digging endless holes for little sprigs.  But we worked straight through until it was all put in.  Then it was time to shower, make lunch, and sit on the deck admiring our handiwork while we ate.

It was noon.

We decided to go downtown and buy some glassware we badly needed.  We were down in several areas and decided to buy what might be hardier glass from Williams and Sonoma.  Downtown was packed with holiday shoppers and everything was festive.  The day was bright, the sky was blue, and the air was cool and dry.  We wandered around and got what we came for plus a bonus--coupe glasses.  Oh how we love a coupe glass.  The day before, we were at our favorite cocktail bar having a much desired daiquiri that was served in one.  I said, "We love anything served in a coupe glass," and the barman said, "It's funny.  Some guys don't want their Manhattans served in them.  They'll say, 'put that in a whiskey glass."  I think they are silly, of course.  The coupe is lovely in every way.  It was the original champagne glass and is a wonderful glass for the martini, and legend has it that it was designed after Marie Antoinette's breast.  Well, now. . . .

After buying our glassware, we went to the other side of town to shop for Thanksgiving Day treats and to get the makings for the evening dinner.

When we got home, it was two.

We decided to take a nap, but a phone call interrupted our plans.  At 2:45, we decided to go to the art museum at the Country Club College campus.  It was a fairly impressive exhibit of African American painters.  We wandered through the galleries, took a brief walk, and came home.

The clock seemingly hadn't budged.

We went to the liquor store to get some champagne, rum, and other elixirs we needed for cocktails the next day on the deck.

When we got home, the clock had moved backwards.  It was, without a doubt, the longest day of the decade.

We moved some things in the yard, watered the garden, then decided to get the drill and put the seat cushions that Ili had just upholstered onto the chairs.  It was more difficult than we anticipated, but after some time, the seats were all attached, the chairs looking spectacular.  They were in the garage.  Ili decided to move them into the house.

Hours had seemingly passed.  It was quarter 'til four.  WTF?

No matter. We could wait no longer.  It was time to make our first champagne cocktails.  We got out the cocktail book, got the sugar cubes, the Angostura, and popped the cork on the champagne.

Two minutes 'til four.

We went to the deck, sat down, and made a toast.  Oh, my.  We were in love with the champagne cocktail served in beautiful coupe glasses.  Time passed slowly, but not so the cocktails.

We were cooking dinner in the dancing light of day's end.  The day had been slow and watery, the sunlight sparkling.  We'd stepped into a time warp somehow.

After dinner, we watched "White Christmas."  Neither of us could believe we had never seen it.

I wouldn't recommend it.

And so, today, we will not slave over the stove.  We have ordered our dinner from Whole Foods.  Ili, mom, and me, and anyone who wants to stop by for a drink and/or some food.  It is all very casual.  Little pomp.  No circumstance.

You have a happy Thanksgiving, too.

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