Sunday, December 15, 2019


Sunday.  The good, lovely weather is back.  Now it is a matter of what one can do with it.  

This photo is from Detroit City.  The weather was not lovely.  I learned, however, where they hide the Whiskey Factory.  It was kind of like finding Santa's Workshop.  It all comes from there.  

Remember my telling you that I couldn't comment on my own blog any longer?  Well. . . as of today, I can't even get my email.  I don't know if it is because I set up my mother's computer and used my account to put some games on it for her or if I have been hacked.  Probably both.  Do you know how many internet accounts you have accumulated over the last decade?  I have many, most of which I have not visited in many years.  They all have passwords, most of them very weak.  I don't even know most of the accounts any longer let alone the passwords.  But Google wants me to verify some things and so does Apple and somehow I am screwed.  If I could just wipe everything out and start over, I would.  I have also been sent a new debit card by my bank and am suppose to activate it immediately.  I can't remember how many accounts I have used it for, however, but I will need to go into them and update the information.  I've lived in a fool's paradise.  

Can't we just have a do-over?  

Remember when the internet was fun?  Other things, too.  

Well, money always changes everything, and there are always bandits looking for a dollar.  Everybody wants to be rich, and the internet was there for the taking.  

What will replace it?  Something has to.  I don't know when, but this mess can't last.  There is money to be made in something new.  Surely there are bandits at work as we speak.  

But for now, I must muddle through my internet damage.  I will start deleting old accounts if I can.  It all depends on the bigs, I guess.  At present, I am at their mercy.  

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