Sunday, December 8, 2019


This is from a roll of ruined film.  I don't remember how I ruined it.  Maybe I shot it at the wrong speed.  I do remember that I shot it in my Olympus XA or XA4 and that it was Ektachrome slide film.  I like it, still.  I probably would do it on purpose if I could on certain subjects to some extent.  I shot this from a rooftop in my own little downtown.  I went up there just for the shot. I'm a real adventurer.

Yesterday we went to a Farmer's Market in a distant town.  The little downtown area is very cute, and it was full.  I should have predicted that they would be having their Christmas parade.  We parked in a Mexican restaurant and drank Bloody Marys and ate something, you know, Mexico food.  Bloody Marys and Mexico food.  The little hipster bartenders were fun.

We left before the parade.

It is another spectacular day.  We will take a walk soon, then Ili has to do some work.  I don't know how I will fill up my time.  Then I will cook on the new grill for mother.

Woke with only a slight headache this morning.  Oh, the holidays.

I have nothing profound.  Just Christmas carols and Mrs. Maisel and the occasional cheroot.

And so it goes.

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