Friday, December 20, 2019

Postmodern President


I'm writing this from the hipster coffee bar after having done just what I told you I would do.  I went to the gym, then lay poolside for about half an hour getting some Vitamin D.  Then I went to lunch.  I am drinking a cappuccino before I go home.

We've impeached the president.  He calls it b.s.  He is very postmodern, this president.  He gives alternative narratives, new possibilities.  He rejects history as just another story.  What we call "facts" are suspect.  He is Foucault and Derrida rolled into one.  Postmodern and Poststructural.

The left took to Postmodernism like leeches onto a bare ankle.  They took to it the way they took to Mao and the Little Red Book, like they took to the USSR.

Now we have Trump, Putin, and Jinping.

I blame the whole thing on my friends.  They called me a contrarian and a non-believer.  I just couldn't join anything.

A picture like this might have been the life I aspired to--cocktails and cards on the lawn by the pool of a Travel Lodge.

That didn't work out, either.

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