Monday, December 30, 2019


The neighbor's cat has come to my kitchen door.  She just sits and looks into the house through the lower glass pane.  She has never done this before and it is unnerving me.  I went out to see her, and she played coy.  She doesn't want me to pet her, just to sit withe her.  I guess.  It can't be food.  She is well-fed.

Her owner isn't home much, and perhaps he doesn't give her enough attention.  Or maybe she is simply here to prevent the feral cat from coming around.  It is a mystery to me.

She has finally lain down on the doormat.

I can't remember if "lain" is the right verb form, and I know that "finally" should not split "has" and "lain."  There are rules about such things.

Otherwise, this morning is the same gloom.  There is no sun.  But I couldn't stand to post another of those old Eggleston inspired photos.  Not today.  I need a blue sky.

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