Thursday, January 2, 2020

Broken Record

DJ Teddy

I feel like a broken record.  I go to the factory today.  I haven't spoken to anyone but my mother for over a week.  It will be very weird.

I have a strange clicking sound in the t.v. room.  I went outside to locate it the other day and thought it was coming from my neighbor's house.  I thought I'd tell him about it, but it stopped.  Then it started again last night.  I was going to have him come over and listen to it this morning when it started again, but I went outside and listened again, and it was coming from my house.  The sound bounces all around the little alleyway between our houses, so it is difficult to pinpoint.

And then it stopped.

It makes me very nervous now.  Is it in the electrical box?  Is it something in the wall or attic?  If I can't locate the origin, who do I call?

Everything in life is getting to be too much for me.

Broken record.  Broken street.  You can see a lot of this in Detroit.

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