Wednesday, January 1, 2020


I spent New Year's Eve with my mother.  I made a spaghetti dinner and watched t.v.  Trying to find something that she would like that I can stand is beyond difficult.  We tried commercial t.v.  I switched between networks looking at their New Year's celebrations.  I couldn't recognize the world they presented to me.  There were goofy people and hideous musical performances, and there was Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen pretending to get drunk on shots.  If this was "woke" America. . . .  It appealed to neither of us.  We abandoned that.

I looked through Netflix trying to find a movie.  Then I switched over to Apple T.V.  After what felt an hour of her watching me scroll through possibilities and viewing previews, we settled on "Downton Abbey" because it seemed gentle.

I fell asleep a quarter way through and went to bed at 9:30.  My mother turned on "Gunsmoke."

I woke at 12:30 in a panic.  And again at 2:30.  And again at 4:30.  I am going to have to get my head straight some way.  What is going on in there is very, very bad.

I got up for good an hour ago and made coffee and read the news, or what little of it they have reported with everyone on vacation.  Most of the stories were recycled.  That's the way to start a New Year.

My mother said that she is thinking of getting cataract surgery.  I think it appropriate in 2020.


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