Friday, January 31, 2020

Howdy Pardoner

Today is my last day at the factory.  I'll bet that you are glad, tired of hearing about it.  Have I told you I'm very weepy?  Really?  Huh.  I felt as though I had been fairly stoic.

Did I mention Ili?  Really?  Did I tell you she cancelled me?  I couldn't have since she only did it yesterday.  She made a final text and then blocked me.  Sure, you can wonder what I did to deserve it.  That's what people do.

Today is onerous, though. I will wait until everyone has gone before I write my final emails.  Then I will take the large framed prints off the walls (two 36" prints from my Lonesomeville days) and leave for the last time.   People will think about me when I am gone, at first, then less often, then one day they will realize that they haven't thought of me for a very long time.

And so will I.  But today. . . .

Saturday, actually, I am going to a party at my replacement's house, and Sunday, I am invited to a Super Bowl party to which I won't go because I always have dinner with my mother.  Super Bowl Monday, I will not be returning to work, and my new life will begin.

At least I can avoid people and their viruses.  Wait!  I'm supposed to go to a barbecue on Saturday with some Chinese guests who arrived just two days ago.  How do I get out of that?

My house is a mess and has been since Ili left and I began bringing stuff home from my office.  I will have to deal with that this weekend.  I am not so very good anymore, though, at doing things alone.  I am going to have to develop some of my old habits from the years of not having a girlfriend.

Wait!  No.  Those were the years when I let things get dilapidated and fall apart.

Soon, I think, all the sadness will fall away, and I'll realize I don't have to work.  I know that people at work are envious.  I haven't met anyone at the factory who didn't wish to quit working.  Maybe I will buy a fishing pole this weekend.  And CC has invited me to go out and throw rocks at cars.

Yea, this could be the start of something big.

I photographed these images from the t.v screen when Nixon resigned.  Like Nixon, Trump knows he will never go to jail for his crimes.  He, too, has a pardoner.



    At least you didn't waste a stamp.


  2. Oh look. Anita was here.

    Anyway -- I found this quote doing some reading about that Salesman movie

    "'his cinema is one in which ethics and aesthetics are interdependent, where beauty starts with honesty, where a cut or a change in camera angle can become not only a possible aesthetic error, but also a 'sin' against truth.'"[8]

    I'm going to lay here and ponder - then write something. It's a gorgeous day. Sunny warm not a cloud in the sky -- I just said goodbye to my family. The house is quiet. All I hear i the keyboard. And the hum - that is the breath of a house.

    Okies. Just wanted to leave that quote. Off to use my net - hoping for some words.