Thursday, March 19, 2020


I just realized something.  Most people I know are taking meds for depression or anxiety.  That is why they are not as down as I.  I need meds right now.  Some of the people I know who are on the heaviest are least concerned.  "Look on the sunny side," they say.  I try, but I am sure that I need their drugs.

Opium is what I need.  O-P-I-U-M.

I just read that democrats are 85% more likely to contract corona than republicans.  Seems the death rate is higher, too.  This makes sense, really.

No it doesn't.  I just made that up.  I try to entertain myself.  I'm sure something like that is out there somewhere, though.  The photo world is abuzz with the news of a corona virus treatment in Asia.  That is the only place I've read the story, so I am doubting the veracity.

Remember when kids put things in their mouths and nothing happened?

I just made a delivery order to Whole Foods.  It is nice that I can do that.  I don't have to bother someone to get things for me.

It is time for me to eat.  I'll post more later.  I'll probably just add onto this, so you can check the bottom (if you care to) and see.  I am not making any new pictures, so I must guard my resources.


  1. That's nice you can get Whole Foods to deliver. The closest one to me is 35 miles away in Portsmouth.

    Yes, childhood was safer and simpler back then wasn't it? You could sit on the ground, roll in the grass, lay on your back and watch the clouds drift by...

    The milk man would deliver to our door and before he drove away he would toss a block of ice off the back of the truck. My friends and I would run over and grab pieces off of the hot-top to eat. Poor kids ice cream!

    1. My friend says that the attitude of millennials makes you nostalgic for childhood polio.

  2. Thank you for writing. It always inspires me -- in fact, I've felt reinvigorated in this time of corona to blog again. You're the one who got me started in the first place.