Saturday, April 4, 2020

Afternoon Beer

Covid-19 has taken off here.  We will be the next "hot spot" in the U.S.  We have a republican governor who would not make a decision to close the beaches nor put in place a stay at home order.  Now we will get to suffer the consequences.  I still have gone nowhere other than for walks.  But almost everyone I talk to goes to the grocery store or to Walgreens or orders take-out food.  I don't.  I stay at home and I'm still paranoid about getting sick.  I think I had it, but I can't be sure.  My mother knows someone who got it.  Started with a scratchy throat, then a fever and a cough.  When he went to the hospital, they said there was nothing they could do for him but pray.  He was lucky.  Two weeks later, he walked out.

Who the fuck wants that?

I'm a real chicken, I guess, but I am simply going to stay put until this thing is over.  It is driving me nuts, but I would rather be nuts than sick.  Perhaps it is just my reaction to old age.

I pushed myself today to get my photo filing finished.  I had boxes and notebooks stacked all around the house.  I had to be careful stepping around them.  Now everything is filed and put away.  "Away" is relative.  I have filled the closet Ili vacated with them.  That is no good.  I need a permanent solution.  But for now, they are stored.

The study is still a mess of boxes I brought home from the factory.  I have to go through all that still.  But the house is a complete mess, so I have decided to tackle one room at a time and give it a complete and thorough cleansing.  I will start with the kitchen tomorrow.  I will take EVERYTHING out and clean all surfaces, the stove, the oven, the microwave, and the refrigerator.  Then I will bring things back.  Much of what goes out will not come back, though.  Decisions must be made.

I'll let you know if that happens.  If it does, I will begin next in the dining room which has piles and stacks of stuff.  Just stuff.

What a fucking life.

I am writing on the deck and drinking a beer waiting for six when I will begin dinner and turn on the news.  I have a grocery store order coming tonight, but stupidly, I have not included any true snacks.  No ice cream.  No cookies.  What is offered online is terribly limited.  But I am determined to stay away from the throng.  As I say, my city is just beginning to get really infected.  It will go on for weeks.  My tenant said she is afraid.  I told her not to be.  Just stay home.  Order online.  You can't get sick from seeing no one.

I hope that's true.

A writer friend of mine, the one who has only ever written to make his money, stopped by today and said he is making a lot of bread.  He will bring me a loaf of Cuban bread tomorrow.  Man, that warmed me up.  A little act of kindness.

I'll get back to writing more gym tales soon.  I just figure there is only so much weirdness you can stand at a time.

Here, however, is something to hold you over.  This video came in the online neighborhood newsletter.  I commented that tonight, you won't be able to put a lawn chair near the fountain.  Fortunately, since my name was attached, that got a lot of likes.  I can't upload it, so you will have to click on the link.


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