Sunday, April 12, 2020

Before the Bunny There Was The Hare

The Easter Bunny came to my house a day early.  A friend from the factory dropped off eighteen eggs.  I haven't had eggs for over a month, and I have wondered what in the hell people are doing with all the eggs.  But my friend said they had them at CostCo, and she made the delivery.  I was out on my walk at the time, so I left my kitchen door unlocked.  I told her to go in and put them in the refrigerator.  She has never been to my house before, and before I left, I looked around.  What a mess.  No matter how I clean, everything seems dirty, cluttered, unseemly.  I said, "Don't judge me."  It is weird to think of her in my house.  I wondered if she would take the opportunity to look around, to walk through and take a peek.

But I have eggs for Easter.  And I got victuals delivered from the grocery and liquor stores, too.  I have the fixings for mimosa juice.  I will go see my mother for the first time in over a week, sit in the yard, and have mimosas with her.  We have both had a cough, so we haven't been taking any chances.

The sad news is that I think my feral cat is gone.  She had been getting very friendly.  She stayed in my little garden most of the time now, hidden behind a big tortoise that my cousin brought over.  She would have a fit when the neighbor's cat came over to look in my kitchen door.  She would jump up and body block him and scream at him.  She was jealous.  And she came close when I put her food in her bowl, inches from my hand.  The last couple of times I fed her, she brushed up against my leg.

But she did not come by yesterday and again this morning.  There is a woman down the street who traps cats.  That is what her neighbor, a vet, told me.  "Oh," I said, "the feral cat doesn't go very far.  She wouldn't go down there."

Now she's gone.  She was either trapped or eaten, and I am sad once again.  I didn't want a pet, but I liked having a feral friend.  And the vet/neighbor said she would give me some worm and parasite killer to put in the cat's wet food so that she could be a healthy feral cat.

Maybe it's my fault.  Maybe I got her too trusting.

It is another loss in a series of losses.  Life is losing, I guess.

Here we go.  Another "liberal" bites the dust.  Or will this give Biden a Bump the way "grab 'em by the pussy" did Trump?

Of course not.  If you are on "the left," you have to be perfect.

"Lock him up!  Lock him up!"

Could this be an opening for Cuomo?

I'll close this up before I start to whine.  I'll save that for later.  And if I save it, maybe I'll just keep it to myself.

And that is just the place for it.

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