Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Jesus. . . I'm so crazy tonight.  I've been organizing my digital files.  I have at least twenty of them, big ones, that I've been keeping since. . . when?. . . 2001?  I think so.  They have never been organized in any fashion.  I have just downloaded files and worked on what I wanted to at the time.  Now, I have no way to navigate them except as a stranger wandering into the jungle.  For the past two days, I've been opening hard drives and trying to make sense out of them.  I have taken all the files I can find in the "Lonesomeville" series and dragged them to two big 4TB drives.  They are both full.  I haven't seen some of these files for years.  What was I thinking?  They just go on and on and on.  The hundreds of pounds of prints is nothing.  I don't know if I have enough time left to look at all the images.

I went to my mother's house for the usual happy hour beer tonight, and she brought out a folder full of prints.  One of them was an ink transfer I did before I did "Lonesomeville" of the little boy in boxing gloves.  It is truly wonderful.  I used to work at it every day.  Where did I find the energy?

I was possessed.

Also, in perusing the hard drives, I found some of my music library that Apple stole from me.  Fuck Apple Music.  I've been listening to songs all night that I haven't heard for years.  Many of them are wonderful.  Just now, Billy Holliday croons.  It is from a wonderful set that Q sent me many, many years ago.  It is the sort of music that will keep you up at night drinking whiskey.  That is what it has done tonight.

I am thrilled to have found so many files, but I am also daunted.  I have many, many more drives to organize.  I don't know if I can ever do it.  I get lost looking through the images.  Everything is a wonderful or terrible memory, but really mostly wonderful.  I have an "Ili" drive that makes me sad but happy, too.  I want to get on the Vespa again with her behind me and drive off into afternoon.

Selavy, eh?

We won't dally there.  Forward.  Or, as Kesey said, "Further."  What's around the corner?

Oh. . . I forgot.  We are living in the time of Corona.

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