Sunday, May 17, 2020

Tired of Conflict

I'm still fiddling with the Liberator camera.  I did every step right this time.  I was careful.  And still, the focus is off.  I've been posting the images on some large format camera forums and getting lots of advice.  I don't even know what a lot of it means.  They want me to check the back focus and something called a T checking the distance from the ground glass to the focal plane. . . . I don't want to.  I just want to take pictures.  I may abandon the camera.  I may just sell it.  I am not a handy fellow, so if this takes a lot of arcane knowledge and the ability to fix things, I'm out.

It will be in the mid-90s here today, cloudy and humid.  The dramatic light is gone.  What is left is good soft light for portraits.  Ha!  That's not happening.  I mean, it could.  My state has given the green light to everything reopening now.  The hair salons and gyms are back in business.  Everything must be o.k.  Meanwhile, reported Corona cases doubled last week in the neighborhood surrounding downtown.  I think I'll be waiting for awhile.

I rented "Uncut Gems" last night.  Awful.  Just awful.  I didn't finish it.  I wish I hadn't watched as much of it as I did.  I need a gentle movie.  I don't need my nerves jangled any more than they are.

I could stand to watch a movie that has no conflict, that just moves from one interesting and beautiful scene to another.  I don't think they make those.  Right now, that seems a terrible thing.

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