Friday, July 17, 2020


"Be careful what bait you fish with," that dead villain Brando used to say.  "It determines what you'll catch."  He was speaking of women, of course, and Rolex watches and shiny Porsches.  But it holds up in other areas, too.

C.C. liked something I sent him the other morning about carrying contemporary baggage into other eras and coined the phrase "Leftist Colonizers."  Indeed.  Misappropriating the past for use in a moral universe they did not envision does seem dishonest.

To extend yesterday's trope, as Q pointed out, once you learn to play tic-tac-toe, nobody ever wins.  That is where we live today.

You know, when I was a young man, the kind of people who will not wear masks were the ones that would not let me get a job with long hair.  I lived in a world of "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service."  Disney still has rules about the way employees are allowed to look.  So really?  Nobody can tell you you have to wear a mask in a pandemic?  Who the fuck are these people?

They are sociopaths.  That is the only explanation for it.  They have no conscience about their behavior toward others.  They are extremely narcissistic.  I dread using the term as it has been so much misused in the world of pop psychology, but it truly applies to this behavioral aberration.  Of course they support Trump, the King of Sociopaths.  He is their idol.

I've decided that requiring me to wear pants or anything covering my genitals is an attack on my inherent freedom.  I'm going pantless in public from now on.  If people don't want to look at my pretty jewels, they can stay home.  Let them self-isolate for awhile and see how they like it.  My balls are beautiful.  I'm tired of oppression.  Stand up with me.  Let's set the boys free.

I'm sorry, but that seems no less absurd than the idiots who think that they cannot be required to wear a mask.  It may be time to turn them into Soylent Green.

I am not very coherent this morning.  I woke up yesterday with bad vertigo, and it lasted all day.  I also had a lot of body pain, so last night I took "a lot of things" to help me sleep.  I can't tell whether the vertigo is gone or not.  I'm still numb and thick and slow.  I'd probably lose a game of tic-tac-toe.

I'm out of bait.  Fishing with a bare hook doesn't get you anything unless you can snag something, but that is very difficult to do.  Usually the only things you snag are weeds and rocks.  It seems the ponds are stocked with only guppies and catfish anyway.  What's the use in going fishing?

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