Wednesday, July 1, 2020

I'll Apologize in the Morning

It has been a harrowing day both emotionally and physically.  But whatever.  I just thought to write something tonight before I pass on to the world beyond.  These are difficult times at best and tragic at worst.  I thought this sign in the window said it best.  That's what we do.  "Just keep swimming."  That's what Baretta said.  Just keep swimming.

I wrote a semi-apology to the "flame" I drunk texted last night.  She was spectacularly unimpressed. Whatever, or in Vonnegut's language, and so it goes.  These are strikingly awakening times.  We exist rather than live.  We are trapped in nature's dictum.

I meant to write about Edward Hopper and Stephen Shore, but I have drunk the whiskey and eaten the gummy's.  This is my blog version of drunk texting, I guess.

I'll apologize in the morning.  You will be spectacularly unimpressed.

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