Sunday, September 13, 2020

Keeping Up with the Kardashians


 The news media are reporting that global warming is causing humans trouble.  Huh?  Who knew?  Where have they been for the past thirty years?  Oh, yea. . . they've been reporting on the other troubles of our times.  God love 'em, they've come to the table when there isn't anything left.  Now they are going to tell us about it.  Oil companies are like the tobacco industry, but there has been very little reporting done about it.  News outlets work for profit, too.  If they keep writing stories you don't want to read, they lose money. So we get barraged by stories about Caitlan and Paris and the Kardashians.  And of course, now, the biggest reality show ever. . . Trump.  

Fox is winning.  Yesterday my mother was outraged over something I'm sure she hasn't watched.  She asked me if I had seen it.  She said it was a show where little girls are doing dirty dances, humping and grinding and getting down on the floor. . . .  

"No, I haven't, " I said all wide eyed.  "But I will!  What's it called?"

She didn't know.  Today I read about it in the Times.  The show is called "Cuties" and is on Netflix.  That is how I know she hasn't watched it.  She can't work the remote well enough.  From what I read this morning, the show has drawn international attention--positive--but here in America, people like Ted Cruz are calling on Barr and his Injustice Department to investigate Netflix for child pornography.  

"Calls to remove the film have been amplified by supporters of a conspiracy theory that top Democrats and celebrities are behind a global child trafficking ring."

Yes, mom, Hillary has been a global child trafficker for years.  She keeps them in a pizza parlor ready for action.  WTF?  

What can you do with people.  My mother is outraged by this but about climate change she throws up her hands.  

"What are we going to do, stop driving cars?"  

People on the right just love themselves some child porn.  It is evil.  They are against it.  They just can't get enough.  

I've written before about the American problem.  It can't differentiate between sensuality and sexuality and so conflates the two.  I don't know Indian culture, but is seems they might be very American in this way.  

I'm a sensualist who comes from a hillbilly family on one side and a family of criminals on the other.  They are very American.  Quintessentially.  They don't understand me.  

People like Ted Cruz, from the big oil state, will point to anything other than the Real Troubles of Our Time.  Netflix, not Big Oil or Monsanto is where evil lives.  

And my mom just follows along.  She is a Trump supporter, of course.  

There just can never be enough Christian t.v. 

It rained off and on all day yesterday, so I continued my searches through old hard drives.  I got very distracted.  There are billions of photographs I have simply stored and never processed.  I've been taking photos for a long time with extended periods of partner-induced camera torpor along the way, but I have amassed a very, if but spotty, picture of my life and times.  All I could think when looking through the endless files is that I wish I had taken more.  Therein lies real human history.  Like the great philosopher Rod Stewart proclaimed, every picture tells a story, don't it?  Wait.  Proclamation or question?  It seems a statement, but then. . . "don't it?"  Maybe he wasn't sure.  

I am.  

Today the rains will fall again.  I will try to do more than reminisce, but I am lazy and indolent.  Seems like a good day to go to brunch, but of course we do not live in such times.  Well, unless you believe the whole pandemic thing a hoax.  Bars get to reopen here tomorrow even though our Covid count has recently been on the rise again.  The kids have moved back into Country Club College this week.  I am going to be more careful here in my own hometown.  Those little Covid carriers don't give a shit.  You can see it in their greedy, partially educated eyes.  It is a private college and very expensive.  They come from good families, by and large.  They all look like Paris Hilton.  Surely they are Republicans.  

And you know that they are my type.  

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