Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Garden of Earthly Delights


I watched this the other night (link).  I'm not sure exactly where the link will take you, but you should watch Season One, Episode Two.  That is the one that struck me.  It seemed the most robust response I've heard to the Woke obsession with identity that I have heard, all without directly addressing it.  

How do the Woke dream?  Of what, I mean.  Desire and fantasies have a place in art.  Some art, however, seems unpalatable if not too effective at influencing the public discourse, or so the argument seems to go without being so codified.  

A person is not defined by the part he or she plays in a drama, whether onstage or on paper or canvas.  Should a person not be able to willingly step into a role to play some part?  Must all images be submitted to The Proper Authorities for approval?  

I am not making my point well at all.  But the life of the human mind and its fantasies and desires are well portrayed in the history of art.  

"Art," you say?  What is "art"?

Indeed.  We need not use the term.  

It used to be fun to collaborate with people to make things.  Together we/they determine a direction and expression and then you go on to see what happens.  And if the collaborators are pleased, it's a go.  

I mean, nothing's perfect.  

But I enjoyed the program.  You may, too.  

I am a ball of anxiety this morning for little reason.  But I can't seem to stop shaking.  My hands tremble, my body quivers.  Everything seems to be going wrong.  

I read my horoscope for the year after I posted yesterday.  Nope, my luck is not going to change any time soon if astrologers are correct.  I can expect more beatings for awhile.  I don't have to go looking for them, either.  I can just hide inside and wait.  They will come to me.  

I have much to do now.  I have house cleaners coming, both inside and out.  The wrecking crew comes today, and I have scheduled the house and apartment to be pressure washed as well.  I can't tell you why, but it is stressing me out beyond reason.  

I am a mess.  Just a big mess.  

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