Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Endless Interruptions


This is the print that Mr. Fixit chose.  It is a big print.  Q remarked she didn't look much like a bride, but she was getting married in few weeks.  This shot was her idea.  She wanted it for her fiancé.  That is the veil she would wear at the wedding.  I met him at an earlier shoot.  He was a sweet, handsome boy and a very nice guy.  I wonder how they turned out?  I lost contact with her awhile back.  Given what we know about marriages in America (link). . . I can only hope they beat the odds.  

As told, my house is clean inside and out, and today is the first day in months that I feel I can do whatever I want.  Oh, I have a few things to take care of and many bigger ones in the long run, but not today.  I can choose to do them or leave them alone.  It is nice to have the choice.  

Last night, I ordered sushi for one. 

By six-thirty, I was fairly buzzed on sake and scotch.  Odd, as I had not had so very much, but I have been feeling strange of late, so perhaps I simply wasn't up to it.  I sat outside and smoked a fat cigar, a present from my travel/art buddy, until it became too cold.  Then I sat on the couch, put something on t.v., and fell asleep.  

As I've said earlier, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, so maybe I will feel better when I look like this. 

Sexy, eh?  "Oh, honey, you don't mind if I wear this, do you?"

I will need to find the right gal. 

Today, at least, there is nothing I HAVE to do.  There are plenty of things that need to be done, but none of them must be done today.  Well, some.  Now that I'm thinking about it, a few.  O.K.  I'm starting to stress.  I need to make a list. 

This post has been interrupted by a hundred texts.  I don't remember what I started out to post today.  Probably some rant about the new Puritanism, about the arc of contemporary thought and how newer is always better (I just stole that line from c.c.), and the pride you should take if you can recite some contemporary identity and social theories which are far superior to any thinking that has come before, especially if you can't recite much of it.  Familiarity with the present makes the past irrelevant.  Or evil.  Yes, that is probably what I had in mind.  

But I can't remember, so I will end this and drink some more coffee and eat some Bubka and take some exercise when it warms a bit.  As my college roommate wrote this morning, Workers of the World Relax!

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