Sunday, January 3, 2021

The Lonely Workings of a Computer Technologist


Day's been shit.  I spent most of it on my mother's old computer trying to add Lightroom and load an Epson driver so that I could use it with my big Epson 7900 printer.  Tried downloading Nikon scanning software, too.  Two hours online with Adobe help got me nowhere.  Nikon wouldn't download.  Apple won't let me upgrade the OS on the computer.  I'd have to download a really old version of Lightroom or Photoshop from a CD.  I went to look for them.  I threw them all out a few months ago thinking I'd never need them again.  Went online to find copies.  There are rapists on eBay.  I'd have to pay hundreds of dollars for a copy.  After spending literally all day on the computer, eyes blurry, but pancaked, I checked the Epson site to see if by chance they had written a new driver. . . oh. . . they had a few weeks ago.  I downloaded it to my laptop thinking this couldn't possibly by right, went out to the big printer, hooked it up, and voila!  When I opened Lightroom, the picture above loaded.  Don't have a clue where it came from but I know I took it.  That is what I made a big print of.  Looks better in print than it does on the screen. 

Four o'clock.  I spent my entire day to get to that point.  

I called my mother and said I wouldn't be over.  I feel like drinking.  

That's the tale.  I can't imagine being a hacker.  

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