Thursday, March 4, 2021

Average American


Biden is working hard to pay off voters with a stimulus check.  I'm not an economics professor, so I can't begin to try to understand let alone explain how giving some people money helps the economy.  What I can tell you, though, is that if you are getting the check, you are what Biden calls "The Average American."  Jesus.  Can you imagine?  Of all the linguistic insults we complain about in the Time of Woke, this one just seems to get a pass.  The Average American is overweight, has a drug addict in the family, and is about to receive government welfare.  

Welcome to the new American Dream.  

Maybe you'll want to become a YouTube influencer.  Or is it Instagram?  

What do I know?  I'm an idiot.  Last night, I tried boning up on Leibniz.  I let Bertrand Russel tell me about him.  Fucking Leibniz and monads.  It was awful stuff.  All that intellectual energy wasted on trying to prove that God created the best of all possible worlds.  Metaphysical philosophy seems like mental masturbation now.  

Somehow, I ended up watching Teri Garr's visits to "Late Night with David Letterman."  It went on for hours.  She must have been on the show a hundred times.  I kept watching just one more.  

An Average American.  

One of the amazing things about Leibniz is that they have collected 10,000 of his letters.  Those are just the ones preserved.  Nobody knows how many more there might have been.  I've been writing here since 2007, almost daily, though there have been a couple breaks.  In that time, I have produced just over 5,000 posts.  

But then again. . . Leibniz wasn't watching "Below Deck" and Teri Garr.  He might have had an advantage on me there.  

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