Saturday, May 1, 2021

Arts and Crafts (cont).

I forgot a few things, and I found out some others.  First of all, the olive oil was a bad idea.  This photos will now rot.  Olive oil never dries, or so they say.  Hard for me to believe.  But eventually, mold will begin to eat away the oil and the paper, or so they say.  Q said, "everything's ephemeral," so I will pack it up and ship it to him.  I went to the art supply store and got everything I need to do archival prints.  

But I will have to wait to begin.  Second of all, it is May Day!!!  Shall we dance around the Maypole or go on strike?  Workers of the world unite!  

Me?  I'm simply sending out the MAYDAY for help.  You may join me if you wish.  

Most importantly, though, it is the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby.  Holy shit.  Place your bets.  

What a day.  

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