Wednesday, July 21, 2021

My Own Color

This is the sort of brilliant photography I have been capable of recently.  "How does he do it?" you might ask!  All you need to do is practice.  You do best what you do most.  

I got this back from the photo lab yesterday along with eleven other brilliant images.  BUT--I bought chemicals to develop my own color film.  That's right.  Rather than spending a few bucks to get my film processed and scanned, I'll do it myself.  It will be hours and hours of fun.  There will be no end to the bad pictures I can afford to take.  

That is how it seems to me, anyway.  But I am kind of excited to try developing my own large format color negatives.  And I will be until I do it.  Sooner or later, I will be sickened by the whole thing and just spend the money and buy the Hasselblad digital camera that I lust for.  That would probably make me happy for a day or two.  

I DO have some experiments that I want to try, though.  You know what a mad scientist I am.  Nothing makes me happier than sitting with a bunch of test tubes in the old photo laboratory.  

Q sent me a link to the iPhone he is going to buy.  It is really expensive, but not as expensive as everything else.  He'll be a famous photographer before I can develop a roll of color film.  


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