Sunday, October 10, 2021

Good Fight, Bad Post

Are you anything like I am, kids?  Do you like a good contest?  No, no, I'm not talking about this woman's perfect ping-pong form, I'm talking about fightin'.  The Gypsy King!  Well, I was Covid tired last night and couldn't stay up to watch the fight, but I saw it first thing this morning. . . and so can you. 

It's shot from the stands, but it is interesting to watch the fight without commentary.  

I'm not in fighting shape yet.  I'm barely in walking shape, but I did a little exercise and took a walk yesterday and didn't feel worse afterwards.  My buddy is still sick.  I think I've turned a corner.  It has been two weeks since we were at the party, but he took another test and is still positive for the virus.  I guess I need to get tested before I go to see my mother.  Three of us sick for two weeks, all of us with two vaccinations.  This Delta variety is bad shit.  Really bad.  

I guess the reason I was pulling for Tyson Fury is the whole dad bod thing.  I look like the Doughboy right now, so it was nice to see someone who doesn't look like an athlete win something.  Fury's body should be the new Hot Physique.  

I've nothing much else to say.  Mr. Tree has brought me two more delicious meals made by his "personal assistant."  She is from Venezuela, he told me, and I meant to say, she is a top cook.  I may see if I can get on a meal plan with her.  

The morning is beautiful, and I want to get out into it.  We have fortunate weather right now.  I've missed much of it, but I think I can take a little fresh air time today.  

Just watch the fight.  It and the photo are the only good things in today's post.  

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