Saturday, October 2, 2021

Still Shaky but I Wanna Move Like Jagger

Yea. . . I doctored it a bit.  I laugh every time I look at it.  The incongruity is crazy.  But it also reminds me that there IS a difference in people.  Or types, I should say.  Sometimes you just can't put that essence into words.  You simply feel it.  

My college roommate and colleague informed me last night that it was our high school class 50th reunion.  

"Oh, well.  I probably would have caught Covid, anyway."  

Neither of us had intended to go, but when it is happening, there is a little pang of regret.  "Jesus," you think, "we won't see that guy who walked so funny," but you know he probably wouldn't be there, anyway.  The last one we went to, hardly anyone showed up.  It is a silly and awkward exercise.  You go only to see how you measure up, really.  It should be no surprise that everyone looks as though they are the same age as everybody else.  You don't look at anyone and think, "Oh my god, (s)he looks so (young/old)."  You'd all look the same in a lineup.  

Sort of.  There is the panache thing.  That is what makes me laugh about the picture.  It looks like a high school reunion.  

I slept o.k. last night with a minimum of doping.  I didn't get up once to change my shirt because I had sweated through.  I didn't get the chills.  I may feel a bit better today.  Mainly now, I'm weak.  I walked to the garage yesterday and realized the toll the virus has taken on me.  It will take a while to get back up to speed.  Last night, I ordered delivery from an Asian Street Food place.  I ordered a lot of food, but I barely ate any of it.  Still don't have an appetite.  Maybe today.  Not that I need an appetite.  I think I put on weight while I was sick.  I feel fatter.  

I want to move like Jagger.  

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