Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sh*t Gets F*cked Up

One should be wary to post a nude picture today without the appropriate FaceBook censorship.  If there is one thing in the world more dangerous than nuclear weapons, it's a woman's "female parts."  Titties.  The vagine.  I'm sure pornography will be one of the next issues the Supreme Court will take up.  It makes sense.  What leads to unwanted pregnancy?  Porn, that's what.  

"And what is pornography?"

"Ain't a man alive that don't get excited by the sight of a naked woman 'less he's a faggot.  Get's a man all riled up.  Makes him feel things, animal things, things that isn't holy outside the sanctity of marriage.  Men can barely control themselves, boy. . . you know that.  Ain't no sense in rilin' 'em up with pictures of naked women.  That's what porn is.  It's the stuff that rile up those feelings."

"Oh.  Men can't control themselves, huh?"

"That's well known, son.  That's why God gave us the Bible.  That's why we got church.  Otherwise we'd all be running around like some Hottentot or Hulu or whatever, naked and sticking it into anything that moves.  Jesus, man. . . they'nt no better than animals."

"Sure.  I can see that."

"It was countries with the Bible that built the moderns world.  If it weren't for that. . . ."

"Like France, you mean?"


"Countries like France?"

"Maybe. . . some. . . I'm not sure what you mean."

"Nothing.  Just art, literature, the Can-Can. . . ."

"None of that got you cars and air conditioning, did it, boy?  You know what did it?  The Puritan work ethic.  That's what separates us from the savages."

"Like China, you mean."

"Well, those little fuckers sure can work.  I'll give 'em that.  But they don't have God."


Oh, hell, I could go on for days writing out dialog with this guy.  I talk to him every day, a moral guardian of the universe.  

My hippie values, though, probably fucked things up.  Those with Woke values will come to the same conclusion about themselves one day.  In trying to do what you think is best, sometimes, you just make things worse.  We tried, but look what happened.  Looking at the hippie movement of the '60s, Nixon's Attorney General, John Mitchell, said, "This country will turn so far to the right you won't even recognize it."  

Boy, he was right.  

I've said it before, but I'll say it once again;  things went to hell when we disbanded reading groups in schools.  Putting the good readers with the good readers and the poor readers with the poor readers was bad for kids self-esteem, they said.  Well. . . we sure don't have that problem now, do we?  Every dumb fucker in the country has more self-esteem than a Nobel Prize winner.  

"Goddamn it, boy. . . you ain't one of those pinhead elitists, are you?  You think your opinion's more important than mine?"

This said through clenched jaws set below some squinty eyes.  

"Only when the facts prevail."

My nameless buddy from the factory says that it was the rise of the social sciences that ruined things.  It could be.  It could be a lot of things.  Maybe it was taking art out of the school curriculum.  Maybe it was the demonization of literature.  It's hard, I guess, when most kids are unable to read even literally let alone figuratively.  I don't think I'd want to be a school teacher.  It would be a constant heartache.  

I've been watching a Netflix series called "Maid."  The show is good but really sad.  It illustrates the cycle of failure that oppresses so many lives.  Take a woman who falls for a guy, gets pregnant, has the baby.  They move into a trailer, start making a life.  But they were young.  You know how things go.  At twenty-five, she is out on her own, a single mom, trying to work and take classes at the local community college.  She wants to get ahead.  Desperately.  She gets up, feeds her baby, drops it off at daycare, goes to work, gets off, picks up the kid, goes home and makes dinner, then, when the babysitter shows up, she heads off to her class.  She gets home at nine-thirty, kisses her sleeping baby goodnight, pays the babysitter, and sits down to do her homework.  She's a dedicated student.  She gets to bed at midnight.  

One night, her baby has a high fever.  She takes it to the E.R.  She doesn't get home until nine.  She missed her class, but she had never missed before.  Another night, the babysitter doesn't show.  Now she's missed two which puts her over the limit.  She is now eligible to be dropped from the class for excessive absences.  Meanwhile, some ne'er do well kid from a middle class family goes because his parents make him.  He comes to class stoned every night, sits in the back of the room and does just enough to get by.  The community college teacher is part time.  His teaching at night is a second job.  He doesn't want to get involved in student issues.  Rules are rules.  They are the same for everybody.  

"I'm sorry, but sometimes we have to make choices in life.  Sometimes it is just not possible to do everything we want to do."

Halfway through the term, mom, the student who most wants to go to school, gets dropped from the rolls. But that's fine with my conservative friend.  

"The world needs maids, and dishwashers and roofers and lawn guys.  Bad choices and all that.  Everybody can't be a winner."

The model, by the way, was legally blind.  She couldn't drive.  She lived with her boyfriend in an apartment with other people.  Her boyfriend couldn't drive because he lost his license after they got pulled over in a traffic stop.  She had pot in the car.  He said it was his.  He did all the things he needed to do to get his license back but he doesn't have the money.  He lost his job because he couldn't get to work.  She took a bus to work at a call center every day, two hours each way.  Sometimes if she worked late, she slept there.  She could have an operation that would restore much of her sight, but it was expensive and she didn't have the money and she didn't have insurance and there was no federal or state money that could be used to pay for it.  When they had a car, both she and her boyfriend were in school.  There was no way they could go any longer.  

Shit can get fucked up.  Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be any way out.  

Oh. . . I was kidding about the picture.  But I wasn't kidding about the rest. 


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