Saturday, September 10, 2022

I Wanna See You Dance Again

All I asked for were awkward poses and a distant intimacy in the photographs.  Sometimes it worked out and the photographs were weird enough to catch one's eye.  There's a stage.  What's the story?  Create a relatable mystery, I thought. 

I want to start over now, begin anew, but I am often tired.  I need a managing assistant, someone to get me where I need to go, to encourage me, bring me coffee, and just be a general helper.  Someone young, of course, to give me balance and get me access.  

All this person would need are my cameras.  Then I would just be a technical advisor.  And then in a short while, I would not be needed at all.  

The big money in art photography now lies in those photographers with the greatest production skills.  Some photo shoots are as complicated as a movie set.  After that, the images are handed off to someone who can digitally enhance them in tone and hue and contrast.  

I have decided I want to make primitive pictures.  I went into a drawer the other day and looked at boxes and boxes of old experiments.  Man, I used to be productive.  I tried everything, and now some of it gives me inspiration.  All I need is an energy infusion and hope.  

But sometimes it seems I wake up tired and am looking forward to my evening bed.  I don't know if it is mental or physical, but it certainly could be both.  I didn't even realize it was the Harvest moon last night until someone knocked on my door late and informed me.  I got to see it through the hazy clouds for a moment.  For the last fifteen years or so, I think I have posted some version of the song "Harvest Moon" here on the blog.  Hmm.  

"Because I'm still in love with you, I wanna see you dance again, because I'm still in love with you on this Harvest moon."

It is a heartbreaking song, isn't it?

But wait!  I remember it wasn't always "Harvest Moon."  Last year, I think I posted "Shine on Harvest Moon."  Maybe other years as well.  In past years, it may have been "Racing with the Moon," too.  

I don't know.  I need an assistant to keep up with all this stuff.  

I just know that I want to photograph the darker mysteries now, blurry in shades of grey.  The precision of much modern photography seems sterile and overproduced to me now.  It had its moment (for me), but there are larger truths to be told beyond the fascination with the Webb telescope.  

I'll endeavor to make photographs of French Symbolist poetry.  But who will get me going and out the door?  Who will drive?  I've got it all in my head.  I just need someone to encourage and serve me with ambition and love.  

"Oh shine on, shine on Harvest Moon, up in the sky. I ain't had no lovin' since. . . ."

My memory is getting as short as my pecker, as the old saying goes.  Have I posted this song here before?  It is a wonderful version of "Harvest Moon."  I'll post a horrible version of it, too, by one of my favorite duos just because I used to love them.  

I apologize profusely if I've let you down and you missed seeing the full moon because I failed to give warning.  Posting about it today feels at least a dollar short and indeed a day late.  

How is it already September?  Jesus. . . have I forgotten "September Song," too?

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