Friday, October 21, 2022

Generation AI


Oh, man. . . that is not the post I intended to write at all.  I have to post again so I can stake my claim.  Let me be the first to declare a new generation--Generation AI.  Yup.  I've Googled it.  It is mine.  The newest generation of kids will have grown up smothered in virtual reality.  Jules Verne wasn't able to predict this, but many movies have.  Who will want to live in the dull old fallen world of toxic nature when you can glide through the air as an avatar?  When you can be prettier, smarter, and more athletic than your simple biological self?  When you can be pansexual?  Soon legislators will be drafting bills to punish virtual crimes.  Virtual abortions?  Life in virtual prison.  There will be a virtual #MeToo.  Yup.  You can never have it the way you want it.  There's always a virtual republican somewhere.  

So. . . here' to me.  I've got to go trademark this now.  Maybe I'll become virtually wealthy. 

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