Thursday, October 13, 2022

Virtual Happiness

 Would people come to the blog if I posted no pictures?  I haven't taken a photograph for months now.  I have billions of images from the past, so I could continue for years simply using those.  But I feel a need to "be new."  Have I lost my motivation or my eye?  Or have I, as is sure to happen in time, simply run out of energy.  

I read a headline today: "Virtual Reality Therapy Lets Seniors Relive the Past."  Sent that to my buddies with the codicil, "Maybe we have discovered Heaven and Hell.  The good ones will get to relive the good parts and the bad ones will have to relive all the horrors of their lives."  

It is an interesting proposal.  What if you had to guess which you were?  How do you evaluate your own deeds and life?  

And if you were really good, would you, as C.C. has suggested, get to relive the life you wish you'd had?

Would you rather not take the chance and just settle for pickle ball?

I'm not feeling well at all today.  Had a very rough and painful night, waking up alone in the inky blackness wanting to cry out for help on the one hand and not wanting anyone to see me suffering on the other.  I am terribly fearful of illness.  I am not at all brave about this.  Worse.  Much, much worse.  All my plans for today are out the window.  I'll be resting and monitoring, hoping, wishing, praying.  

It doesn't seem fair.  Is this what I get for allowing myself to be almost happy?  Oh. . . you don't about this yet.  But I am not going to report it through a feeble veil of infirmity.  I'll save it for a sunshine day when I am once again immortal.  

Until then. . . . 

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