Monday, February 6, 2023

Like Carol Kaye

Despairing night.  Horrible bad. . . not dreams, really.  Reflections.  Maybe I should have watched the Grammys.  Beyonce has won more Grammys than anyone ever in the history of the cosmos I read today.  Maybe that would have made me happy.  I can't name a single song she has sung.  Maybe her music would cheer me up.  People like it.  That's what they say.  But I didn't watch.  Somebody is bound to pass her up one day, though.  Maybe Machine Gun Kelly.  I only say that because I saw his picture in the Times with his girlfriend.  Forget her name, but she looks like she has had that buccal fat surgery.  Megan Something, I think.  I can't keep up.  Maybe I need a TikTok account.  Q has Twitter.  Says it is funny.  I find CNN and The New York Times funny.  Unintentionally so.  Maybe Q said "witty," though.  That might be the difference between the Times and Twitter.  

I'm usually wrong about things, though. 

I made a delicious seafood stew for my mother last night.  I don't think you want me to recite the recipe here, so I'll spare you if you promise to believe me that it was enviable.  You can ask my mom.   

By gosh, I'm not feeling very witty today.  I've been overtaken by gloom.  I'm going to make an appointment with the knee guy today.  That should be fun.  Still need to renew my tag.  I'll do it online, I guess.  Should have done that long ago.  Did I ever tell you about my crash?  Yea. . . maybe it's the weather, but I've been hurting all over.  Or under.  

I'll have to check my horoscope. It is more "now" than a palm reading.  Those are more long term.  So is Tarot.  I don't know about the tea leaves yet.  I have been reading up on mummification, however, and how to enter the Eternal Kingdom.  You can get very detailed information about this online now, if you are interested.  

I wasn't consciously unhappy when I went to bed.  I was fairly content.  What happens in the night?  Some internal brewing, bad things rising to the top of the pot?  I had a girlfriend who thought she had powers.  She wished me harm.  Maybe she's been working on me again.  I wouldn't put the whole voodoo doll thing past her.  Maybe she has employed a coven of witchy friends.  

Of course that's just silly.  I'm merely suffering the slings and arrows of time.  Read the poets.  You can learn all about it. 

I should have accomplished more.  I should have been more successful.  Then I would have an assistant or two.  I need an assistant.  In the last half of my career, I managed.  I've become much better at managing people than at "doing."  I need a "doer" or two to manage.  And a big studio to work in.  I think that would make me happy.  

I'm sure there were a lot of very talented people who won Grammys last night.  They have assistants, too.  Oh, they have trainers and chefs and people who make their appointments and get them there.  

But there are people with incredible talent that never achieve that.  Carol Kaye.  She made a living, but that was all.  Not many were as talented as she.  I'm pretty sure she never got a Grammy.  


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