Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Coulda Been a Contender

Holy smokes. . . that didn't last long.  The quest to become slim, I mean.  That is kind of still in play.  I didn't eat anything bad.  But. . . salmon.  I bought a whole lot of salmon from Whole Foods, frozen fillets of wild caught sockeye.  The good stuff.  I even bought a fresh piece for dinner last night.  Salmon is good for you.  You should eat it often.  So they say.  I had not eaten much for a couple days.  Yesterday's breakfast was half an avocado and a sliced tomato with chopped garlic.  Lunch was one of those nutritional shakes.  Dinner was going to be a spring salad with arugula, chopped beats, and the other half of that avocado followed by steamed broccoli and baked salmon.  

I had a glass of wine with my salad.  I had a glass of wine with my meal.  But I don't like salmon.  I ate half of it.  When I was a kid at school, they had us taste different strips of paper.  You would put it on your tongue and either taste something or not.  I put one in my mouth and tasted nothing.  Most of the other kids were gagging on a soapy taste.  There was another that tasted like rotten fish that most of the other kids couldn't taste.  What we learned from that, I think, is not to put things in your mouth you are not sure of.  What we were supposed to learn, I think, is that we are all genetically different and that what one person likes another can't stand.  Times have changed, though.  We are all supposed to like the same thing now.  

But I don't like salmon.  And so, after eating some, I decided I needed a worm killer.  I haven't any scotch in the house, however, since I was going to lose weight.  But I have a cabinet full of liquor, so I poured a glass of Maker's Mark and put an ice cube in it.  I just needed to cut the taste of salmon.  But you know. . . that bourbon wasn't bad, so I had another.  I had a few.  And when I went to bed after midnight, I ate a gummy, and I had the happiest dreams all night long.  And into the day.  When I finally opened my eyes, it was nine o'clock.  Having not slept well for many nights, I guess I needed the rest.  

I may never lose an ounce.  I guess I will give the salmon to my mother for Mother's Day.  She eats cheap Walmart frozen salmon all the time.  She will love this.  

I should amend this to say, however, I do love my mother's salmon patties, and I do like the salad I make with canned wild sockeye.  I don't even mind the smoked wild caught sockeye, but it is way too expensive.  Nova and lox. . . not so much.  

While I was drinking the bourbon, I watched the 1952 boxing match between Rocky Marciano and Jersey Joe Walcott.  Holy smokes, they beat one another half to death.  Marciano looked half the size of Walcott who looked incredibly strong.  And Walcott was winning the fight hands down with his superior reach and quickness.  He knocked Marciano down in the very first round.  Marciano just couldn't get to him without taking punishment.  Then, in the 13th round, like lightning, Marciano caught Walcott with a right hand and knocked him cold.  Walcott just crumbled.  Marciano was not big for a heavyweight and had the most awkward boxing style you could imagine.  Marciano ate a lot of punches.  But holy smokes. . . he never lost a fight.  

After that, I watched an interview with street photographer Mellisa O'Shaughnessy as she walked through Manhattan taking photos.  Then I looked up her book, "Perfect Strangers."  And then I thought, "I can do better stuff than that.  I have in my few trips to NYC with camera."  Maybe it was the bourbon, but I might still think so this morning.  

If I could walk.  My knee is killing me this morning.  And maybe my head, too.  

As you see at the top of the page, I only make photos of flowers now.  I am a flower photographer who sometimes takes pictures of buildings.  Yea. . . I'm a real Cracker Jack photographer, I am.  

But, you know. . . I could have been a contender. 

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