Tuesday, May 9, 2023

I Had a Way

 "Dear Florence-Jean, the future is a drag. . . ."

I think I've probably posted this photo before.  Selavy.  Who would remember?  I have posted so much, when I look back, I'm stunned.  Sometimes I take a nostalgic tour back through the blog and I am fairly astonished.  So much good stuff, good music, terrific predictions and observations.  I'm never wrong.  I've been so ten seconds ahead of the curve.  I'm a good cyber cat.  I can't believe that CNN didn't include me in their Instant Nostalgia show, "The 2010s."  

What fucking goofballs.  

"Man, I really miss yesterday, don't you?  Remember how much fun we used to have. . . yesterday?"

I guess they were going for a certain crowd.  I have to admit, though, when I looked back through the most influential tv shows of that decade--yea, it was much better.  

I've begun watching "The Wire" again.  It came out in 2002 on HBO.  I didn't watch it until 2012.  If I had watched it when it first aired, I would have been much better informed, hipper, and probably more successful.  Lofty claims, I guess, but the show was that good.  2002.  Google launches, ready to displace Yahoo.  Everyone wanted a Nokia cell phone, but that year BlackBerry introduced the firsts "smart phone."  iPods and laptops.  Pagers and burners.  Blockbuster

That's the world of "The Wire."  We were still recording things on tape.  

"Aw, man. . . remember that?  Remember when?"

But no kidding, I started writing the blog in 2007.  Why?  I guess because I could.  If only I had been watching "The Wire."  

Still, there is a lot of good stuff on the blog.  A long time ago, I used to be famous.  Well. . . as famous as you were, anyway.  Probably.  Maybe.  

I'm liable to be pretty dull for awhile.  I have to lose weight.  I must.  I am rolling the boulder up the hill, though.  I mean, it is an impossible task.  It can be done, rolling that boulder to the top, but it will inevitably roll back down the other side.  There is no permanent weight loss.  All the research says so.  

I read this morning that I could lose twenty pounds in ten days on a lemon water diet.  It's a lie, but let's say it is true.  You'll gain it all back in the next couple of days, though.  I promise.

New research is showing a great correlation between obesity and gut bacteria.  Thin people have a different mix.

Two gut bacteria are associated with lean body weight. Akkermansia muciniphila and Christensenella minuta are good gut bacteria for weight loss because they are linked with preventing weight gain and are often found in slim individuals.

Hardly seems fair, right?  I mean, unless you are slim.  I like that word.  It is something that makes you feel superior, somehow favored by God.  

There are some theories, too, that obesity is caused by a virus.  

Maybe I'll opt for a fecal implant.  They have had favorable results.  I'm just not sure that lemon water with cayenne pepper is going to do it.  

I'm cutting calories.  I'm not in starvation mode, but it is still a drag.  I'm sure my imagination will be altered more than my belly, but I must try something.  

The divorcee is slim.  Now that I've gotten my feet wet, I'm conscious of showing my belly.  It was much easier these past years being a monk and all.  Who knew Covid lockdown would end?  Now I find I look better in the mirror than I do on camera.  Why?  How the fuck can that be a thing? 

There is much evidence that having Covid-19 is associated with weight gain.  Observationally on my part, that seems to be true.  I think I am a victim.  

Whatever.  Trying to lose weight is bound to make me grumpy.  I will, however, try to maintain a PMA (positive mental attitude).  

I swear, though, if I had a studio, I could keep myself busy.  I'd be working rather than sitting.  Maybe I should consider getting one as an investment in my health and well-being.  I want to make pictures again, and I'm tired of buildings, flowers, and fences.  Those are and should be the venue of painters.  But the human face and figure. . . .  I want to photograph you all, and not for The Gram or TikTok or FB.  

"I had a way to express myself.  I had a way to be honest."

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