Thursday, July 20, 2023

Sunshine and Blue Skies

Man. . . I just wrote a long, depressive piece about my state of being.  Just before hitting the "publish" button, though, I came to my senses.  Thank goodness.  Writing is therapy, but it needn't all be public.  It was illustrated by another picture of a tortured me.  I've had terrible thoughts, I must tell you, but putting them down on paper is a good way of dealing, I think.  


I have eaten nothing but soup, eggs, and rice for days now, but last night I had some hummus and tzatziki with chips while I watched t.v.  I started the new Netflix movie, "Babylon."  I watched about half of it, not because it wasn't entertaining, but because it is over three hours long.  It was a good distraction until it was time to narcotized myself to sleep.  

The cat was waiting for food when I got up.  I looked at the digital news.  Trump is still Trump, and most of the GOP support him.  I cannot look.  I turned to the silly news on CNN.  A woman and her child were awarded $800,000 dollars because they were burned by Chicken McNuggets.  Somebody in Cali won over a billion dollars for buying a lotto ticket.  But these things are too horrible, too, and I am dismayed.  What the fuck has happened?  What kind of world have we created?

The question is rhetorical, but you may discuss it among yourselves.  

I am getting better, I think, but if I am, it is ever so slowly.  Vegas is out.  It is just too dicey to buy tickets while I still do not feel right.  I have had to cancel plans with my leaving town friend for tomorrow.  Her farewell party is Saturday at the Factory City Brewery, and I am, at this point, uncertain if I will go.  Sunday, I have a ticket to see "Oppenheimer" with a group of friends.  I don't know about that one, either.  

It is forecast to be sunny and hot for the next several days, but we have been getting the afternoon storms almost every day, and they are good, even when they are a surprise.  

I'm trying to stay out of the weeds here, but my mind keeps going dark and I am tempted to write it all again, so I need to check out for now.  It is hard to be interesting when you are down.  I apologize.  

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and it is sure to be ever so good news.  Nothing but sunshine and blue skies.  


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