Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Slouching Toward Bethlehem

My mind's a jumble of news headlines, text messages, and personal experiences.  Where do I begin?  An emotional weather report?  Maybe just a weather report.  Jesus. . . the weather here is Biblical.  Hot.  Just too effing hot.  Book of Revelations hot.  I keep looking for the Beast with Two Backs!

No, wait. . . that's Shakespeare, "Othello."  You get my drift.  I meant this one. 

Hot as Hades, as the old folks used to say.  Speaking of old folks, my mother called me last night to tell me sad news.  Her 99 year old widow neighbor is going to sell her house and move to Oklahoma where her daughter is going to put her in a home.  I don't think they call them "homes" anymore.  Assisted living facility.  My mother said with sad disdain, "she won't last long there."  

It has to be sad for my mother.  But she need not worry.  I've told her I'd feed her rat poison when she needs that kind of care.  

I think that's covered by Free Speech if Trump's attorney's are correct.  

There is a lot of Free Speech going around.  I keep reading articles in the Times about the popular misuse of terms like "narcissist" and "gaslighting."  I've known "patients" of voodoo mental health professionals who LOVED to toss around those words.  Once someone on Oprah says it, no matter if you watch the show or not, it enters popular culture.  There is nothing people love more than a slogan.  Slogans are simple.  Both the left and the right are fond of them.  I'm telling you, if you hear two people say something, be suspicious.  If you hear three people say it, walk away.  Maybe run.  It is sure to become, in time, an epithet.  

I don't want to say I am right and they are wrong, but I'm not really that modest, so. . . . 

"Here is the wisdom."

Apparently, DeSantis just found out that Trump lost the election.  That should hurt him in the polls.  Next thing you know, he'll recognize Climate Change is real.  But, you know, he'll blame it on Al Gore.  

Oh, yea. . . I was up and at 'em yesterday.  Out of the house all day.  Productive.  It is good to be productive and to go to bed at eight.  I didn't really, but I thought about it.  It was that the heat had worn me out.  Still, there is the cat and the feeding and the communing, so. . . 

I don't mass broadcast these anymore, but I sent it to a few tolerant friends suggesting the only way to beat this devilish heat was by drinking pretty drinks and smoking the marijuana.  I read yesterday that a significantly rising number of potheads has become the older crowd.  Helps with the chronic pain of old age, they say.  Helps them sleep. A heavenly herb. . . and so on.  I was shocked, I must admit.  I thought that they were all already part of the Drug Generation.  I guess that, too, was all media hype.  

I had weird dreams last night, and I didn't smoke the marijuana.  I won't tell you about them because other people's dreams are ALWAYS boring.  Dreadfully so.  But, I'll just say this.  I was dreaming about an old dream I had god knows how long ago.  Really?  I'm now recycling dreams?  WTF is up with that?  It was terribly unnerving.  Once you wake up, pee, drink water, etc., you figure you'll go back to bed and move onto the next dream.  But nope.  I went right back into the same one.  

I'm going to have to contact my spiritual advisor.  

If you haven't figured it out by now, the beast with two backs is Iago telling Brabanzio that "an old black ram / is tupping your white ewe." 


I have to go prepare for the wrecking crew now, but I'll leave you with the second part of the page I pasted above.  It's good reading for a certain crowd.  It must be a big one.  All the movies and t.v. shows seem to be about vampires, space wars, and supervillains and the like.  Apparently there is a grand taste for all things idiotic.  

Oh. . . and I believe that the correct technical term for someone you think treats you badly is "asshole."  There is little controversy surrounding the term and it is never used on Oprah.  Calling someone an "asshole" pretty much covers it.  

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